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Using TP's Texture System
Written by Troll Paxton

"TP's Texture System", or TPTS, is my name for the collection of tools and scripts that I use to build my patches. There are two nice things about it. First, in order to replace an arbitrary piece of armor's textures with one of my clothing sets you only need to add a couple lines to a text file. Second, texture conversion, renaming, and copying all happens automatically when you run one batch file.

I've wanted to release it to "the public" for a long time, and now I have finally managed to clean it up to a point where I think people might actually have a chance of getting it to work. It comes with the source textures for all the clothing sets I include in my clothing pack [v12: there are a few new ones in there that haven't been released elsewhere]. You can download it here, installation instructions are in Installation.txt.

So, if you want to make whatever armor you are wearing look like any of the clothing sets I've made, download TPTS and try it out. If you have any questions please post here and I'll try to respond ASAP.


OK, since the majority of people have voted that they aren't sure what to do with it, here is a quick example. Let's say you like the Alliance hunter starting outfit (the white lace thing) and want your level 70 hunter's season 3 arena armor to look like that. First, you open TP_ClothingPack.lua in Notepad (or your favorite txt editor). Scrolling down, we see these two lines for Alliance Hunter:

ApplySet("Set_WhiteLace", "Rugged Trapper's Shirt");
ApplySet("Set_WhiteLace", "Rugged Trapper's Pants");

"ApplySet" is the command to apply a modified clothing texture set (the first argument) to a piece of game armor (the second argument).

Copy those lines and paste a copy at the bottom of the file. Next, look up on Wowhead (or just look in game) to find the name of the actual armor items. Once you have them, just plug them in to the second argument, like so:

ApplySet("Set_WhiteLace", "Vengeful Gladiator's Chain Armor");
ApplySet("Set_WhiteLace", "Vengeful Gladiator's Chain Leggings");

After you've entered in those two lines save the file, then run "Run_TPTS.bat". It will take a minute or two and when it is done there will be a new file, Patch-p.mpq, in your w0w\data directory. You're done!


The key part is that the system has to be told what textures make up a user-made piece of clothing, so someone would have to manually define what those textures are for a given patch (like yours, for example). The steps would be:

- Create a .lua file that defines all the sets you want to use from the other patch. Not hard, honestly.
- Dump the contents of the patch into the tpts\texturecomponents.source folder. Ideally there would be source textures with unique names that aren't the names of game textures so there wouldn't be collisions, but if you are only doing one patch it doesn't matter.
- Add the lua file that defines the new sets into the script. This is just one line that you could put at the top of TP_ClothingPack.lua, dofile("NewSetFile.lua")

So its doable. I'm holding off on new features until I see that anyone at all uses this version, though.


You don't have to figure out how to convert to blp...the batch file will do it for you, assuming your source textures are in a png format it can handle. All you need to do is put your source textures in the appropriate directories (the ones in TPTS\TextureComponents.source) and then define your own set. (If you want to convert from blp to png, just drag your blp onto TPTS\BLPConverter\BLPConverter.exe.)

For example, if these are your files...


...then to get them into the system you'd need to add these lines to the top of your script...

Set_NuriaShirt = {

...after which you can use them in ApplySet calls like any other set...

ApplySet("Set_NuriaShirt", "Pink Mageweave Shirt");

Set definition is kinda tricky (in a nutshell they are tables where the index specifies which texture slot: TU, TL, LU, LL, AU, AL, HA, FO) but thats maybe TMI at this point.

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