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Here you'll find custom skins created for World of Warcraft. These skins come from many various artist from the WoW community.

The site is still being worked on but there are many things for you to browse and download til then. Old Site

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Skin Pages UPDATED

New format applied to the skin pages.


If the skin you install doesn't work with 2.4+ try checking the extension.
Rename .mpq to .MPQ - it does make a difference.


World of Raids reports that WoWModelEdit (WoWME) is now detected and can get ya banned.


"Blizzard has recently updated the WoW client files to detect the Model Edit (it's a tool that let's you change your ingame character looks, however the use of that software is against Blizzard's ToS). You will probably not get ban right away if you received that alert, but according to several users a GM might contact you ingame to give you a warning, and if you reuse the model edit after that, you will get a 72-hour ban for abusing World of Warcraft ToS, so consider yourself warned."

Im still keeping model swaps/alters on the site - but only private server users will be able to use them without any trouble.


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