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Frequently Ask Questions

How do I install a skin/model switch?

Since patch 2.0 all skins/model switch must be in a mpq file with patch-1.mpq/patch-a.mpq name.

Place the mpq into your:
C:\World of Warcraft\Data\

C:\World of Warcraft\Data\patch-s.mpq

How do I remove a skin/model switch?

Simply delete or rename the mpq so it does not meet the patch-1.mpq/patch-a.mpq naming convention.

C:\World of Warcraft\Data\patch-s.mpq
C:\World of Warcraft\Data\patch-s1.mpq

How do I get this to work on a Mac?

Macs are the same except for it is more strict about the file extentions having to be in all caps.

C:\World of Warcraft\Data\patch-s.mpq
C:\World of Warcraft\Data\patch-S.MPQ

Uninstalling patches on Patch days.

Remove the MPQ file from your wow data folder. Remember to remove skins before patching the game - it may cause problems later on if you forget.

Skins I had before patch do not work anymore, why?

Most likely blizzard tightening up security. As of patch 2.4, make sure your MPQ file extensions are in capital letters.


Why does my WoW crash when I install a changed model?

In order to make a model switch work properly, you need to dl and install a fixed execute. This execute lets the game run without getting fatal errors.

Why are so many skins nude?

The biggest investment into pushing to learn how to skin for WoW was done by mostly by the ERP community of Darknest. I as well started skinning for WoW on behalf of the Darknest community, they even gave me my copy of WoW and subscriptions and resources to find a way to create nude skins to enhance their gameplay. Most games not designed to have custom skins have nude skins - WoW is no exception.

Why are there so few nude male skins?

Reason for this is the lack of those extra polygons for a anatomically correct male model... with the lack of the models realism combined with the small texture size and in most case large distorted UV maps makes creating a a decent male nude skins nearly impossible. This has twarted most WoW skinners from even attempting it. Sorry ladies, unless someone finds a way to make a more 'detailed' models for males... it's unlikely you will ever see many if any nude male skins. But, with model switching more highly debated, it's highly unlikely you will see anyone successful at importing new/edited models.

Update: Models can be altered - will just require a modeler/skinner to take the time to create one. However, swapped/altered models require a thirdy party execute to run in-game, which is against the ToS - which could get you banned.

Can I be banned for using skins and models?

Short answer.... yes, especially for using models. Skins only require a mpq file and no other executes to run, so it's harder for Blizzard to scan and ban people for mere skins. However, recently some people been banned for using the model edit programs. The model edit programs are a third party program, which is against the ToS, are currently the only way to make model edits and switches work. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! But, if you dont want to risk getting banned, you cant use custom models.

Here is infor from WorldOfRaids:

"Blizzard has recently updated the WoW client files to detect the Model Edit (it's a tool that let's you change your ingame character looks, however the use of that software is against Blizzard's ToS). You will probably not get ban right away if you received that alert, but according to several users a GM might contact you ingame to give you a warning, and if you reuse the model edit after that, you will get a 72-hour ban for abusing World of Warcraft ToS, so consider yourself warned."

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