WoW Skins

Here You can find some answers for your questions about anything skin related about WoW.

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About WoW Skins

The first skin/nude skin created for WoW was created by Tron at Nude Creator using a hex editing trick. They were for the Human, Night Elf, and Troll Female.

His skins were released just 1 day before my succubus skins were finished.

As i worked on my player skins, other people at WoW Allakhazam started to figure out and create their own skins (again mostly nude skins)

As for me, I started skinning WoW as a request for the community of Darknest, a WC based hentai group.

Since then I've tried to keep up links and information about skinning to anyone looking to explore this side of WoW.

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